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22 photo(s) Updated on: Tuesday, September 15, 2015
  • Brad Leslie looking sharp as the fleet moves up the course.
  • This beautiful hand made wooden boat sailed by Joshua Mills was a stiff competitor!
  • Thomas Bollinger, the youngest skipper in the fleet, sails upwind.
  • Graeme Wilson jockeys for position against Bill Lubawy and Brad Leslie.
  • Ken Ruhl with is multicolored genoa looks great.
  • Stiff competition on the upwind leg
  • Chuck Emrich likes to stand during pre-start maneuvers.
  • Chris Bollinger in his flying scot Halcyon is all ready for another race.
  • Graeme Wilson and Ken Ruhl baring down on the race committee boat as they get ready to start.
  • David Duncan always looks good in his captains hat, and he may have the best looking crew too!
  • Dale Sturm heading upwind with his crew hiking out.
  • Chris Bollinger and his crew Alex working hard to make the boat go fast.
  • Micheal Christino, Judy Lopez and Alex accepting for Chris Bollinger in the daysailer fleet.
  • Brad and Donna Leslie, Chuck Emrich and crew, and Bill and Charlotte Lubawy with Judy Lopez in the Cruisers fleet.
  • Micheal Christino, Judy Lopez, Chuck Emrich and crew, and Alex.
  • Molly Southerland, Sally Shaeffer, Donna Leslie, and others enjoy a bit of breakfast before the races.
  • Ken Ruhl and David Duncan explain the situation to a guest.
  • The 2015 Charity Regatta Participants
  • Chris Bollinger (on the right), tries to convince Alex to join him as crew for the day, saying, "I promise, I won't yell at you a lot..."
  • Dale Sturm and his crew along with Bob Richards enjoy a little coffee.
  • The sailors were grateful for warm food after a chilly morning racing.
  • Judy Lopez, the queen of the regatta!

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